• "Dantura era cosmarul vietii mele"

    Dantura americana la bani romanesti

  • Cum influenteaza dantura calitatea vietii

    Reabilitare totala cu implanturi conventionale si zygomatice

  • "Zambesc mult si mananc tot ce doresc"

    Nu imi inchipuiam ca se mai poate

  • "In Anglia nu mi-as fi permis niciodata
    aceasta operatie"

    Englezul care isi pierduse orice speranta de a mai manca
    cu o dantura fixa

  • Cand dai NY-ul pe Bucuresti

    Calitate americana la preturi romanesti

  • "O viata fara dinti? Aia nu e viata!"

    Implanturile zigomatice m-au salvat

Special services

  • “TotalFix”

    "TotalFix" - the advanced implantology concept by which the patient without any teeth or terminal teeth benefits from implants and immediate fixed work in only 24 hours... Continuare

  • “TotalFix +”

    "TotalFix +" (plus) - when the "TotalFix" candidate patient has excessively pneumatic jaw sinuses combining conventional implants with zigomate implants ...... Continuare

  • “QuadZygoma” and “SixZygoma”

    When the upper jaw atrophy is dramatic and you're told "You can not insert implants any longer", just give a few minutes to the following text. 4 zygomatic implants can be the solution...... Continuare

  • Special laser treatments

    Dental laser is a modern technology that leads to precision treatments, often painless, fast, significantly reducing bleeding and healing ...... Continuare

  • Pretul implantului dentar

    Pretul unui tratament cu implanturi dentare este influentat radical de mai multi factori, multi dintre acestia fiind de cele mai multe ori necunoscuti pacientului... Continuare

  • Implantologie avansata

    Interventie cu implanturi speciale, zigomatice

  • TotalFix

    Dantura totala si fixa in numai 24 de ore!

  • TotalFix +

    Implanturi si dantura fixa in cazul atrofiei maxilare severe

  • QuadZygoma

    4 implanturi zigomatice inserate simultan

  • SixZygoma

    Tratament realizat in premiera mondiala in anul 2013

  • Augmentare sinuzala

    Realizata prin metoda combinata de sinus lifting extern

  • SixZygoma - Implantologie avansata

    6 implanturi zigomatice inserate simultan

  • Cat costa implantul dentar?

  • Ce este "QuadZygoma"

  • Dantura fixa in 24 de ore

  • Tratamentul bolii parodontale

  • Aditia si augmentarea osoasa

  • Molarii de minte

  • Tratamentul de canal

  • Boala parodontala

  • Tratamentul ortodontic


  • Mircea Andre , Sweeden

    I have found out about Implantodent over the internet, by discovering the clinic on Google. I was surprised of the features and... Continuare

  • Jacobson Kitty Beer

    I must say that everyone in Implantodent clinic has proven to be professional and patient. I am extremely pleased with their... Continuare

  • Crina Gheorghiu

    I have arrived at Implantodent clinic having issues with an older work. I felt no pain during the surgical procedure, even after... Continuare

  • Fox Douglas

    I have requested the best dentist and Dr. Tanel Chemar was recommended. This is how I went to Constanta, Romania. I am extremely... Continuare

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