About us

Implantodent is the largest and most modern dental clinic network in Romania.

In Implantodent hyperclinics all resources are dedicated to providing professional medical services for each patient, at the highest standards, based on a latest generation technological support, in impeccable conditions of safety and comfort.

Founded as an ambitious project by Dr. Chemal Taner in the late 90s, Implantodent became in almost 15 years of activity, the main national provider of premium dental-medical services, promptly serving patient needs, who value oro-dental health and seek unique stomatology services.

Smile health is our profession, smile beauty represents our passion and our guiding philosophy is simply defined, in a sentence: we are sparing no effort to improve life quality for each patient that crosses our doorstep, through treatments performed.

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The reputation of medical team, services and unique equipment has crossed the country’s borders, so that presently, a large number of patients are coming from Western Europe, Scandinavian countries, Great Britain or Turkey, Implantodent developing an attractive and efficient dental tourism program.

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Therefore, Implantodent is hosting true “excellence centers” in which the main part is held by people, young and ambitious specialists who interdisciplinary, with passion and dedication, are treating the most complex clinical cases.



Minimally invasive digital implantology, total denture reconstructions with special techniques and implants, maxillary bones reconstructions and regenerations, advanced dental esthetics, invisible orthodontics, laser guided surgery, non-invasive periodontology – are few of the cutting edge treatment methods from which over 10 000 Romanian and foreign patients have benefited or further benefit.

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The quality of unique dental services provider towards NATO troops members from southern and south-eastern Romania certifies services standards as well as the level of safety a patient has in our clinics.

In figures:

  • Over 2500 square feet dedicated to dental medicine
  • 18 treatment rooms (offices) integrating all stomatology specialties
  • 4 modern and fully equipped operating blocks
  • 2 investigation and preoperative explorations rooms
  • 6 modern wards
  • Inhalosedation and general anesthesia
  • 7 robotic systems (cad/cam) of dental prosthetics/esthetics
  • 4 dental tomography systems and 7 units of dental digital radiology
  • 17 specialists (permanents and collaborators)
  • Over 15 000 implants inserted
  • Over 2500 surgeries (oral surgery, sinus surgery, bone additions and augmentations).


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Experts in dental implantology

Prosthetic guided digital implantology represents the actual culmination of esthetic and functional denture reconstruction, whether we’re talking about a single tooth, several teeth or even all teeth missing, due to multiple benefits brought to patients, especially on the quality of life.

These reconstructions involve extremely well trained specialists with experience as well as unique, cutting edge equipment. Implantodent owns both.

Authors of several national premieres in implantology (TotalFix, QuadZygoma, SixZygoma, PterigoImplant), Implantodent team takes pride in an extremely high success rate of total and immediate denture reconstruction with dental implants. Benefits from these services are medical, as well as especially functional, esthetic and psychic: immediate and fixed denture after surgery, total absence of intraoperative pain, limitation of postoperative pain, healing acceleration, lack of a convalescence period, immediate postoperative socio-professional reintegration of patients to daily activities and healing without scars.

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