General prices

Treatments in Implantodent clinics are done individually and that is why the fees are discussed personally only during the consultation session or after treatment.

DENTAL CARE TREATMENT (ADULT – permanent teeth) Price (€)
1. Cleaning decay with dental drill 30
2. Cleaning decay LASER:
 – visible cavities 80
 – interdental cavities in lateral areas 100
Front group filling 40
Lateral group filling 35
“Parcel” filling 25
TREATMENT OF DENTAL CARIES (CHILD – milk/temporary teeth) Price (€)
1. Cavity cleaning with dental drill 20
2. Cavity cleaning with LASER 70
Filling starting from 25
SEALING (prevention of dental caries)
Classic starting from 25
Restoration of the aesthetic pivot (glass fiber) 70/pivot
ROOT CANAL TREATMENT (titanium rotary instruments, dental dam, a microscope, laser) Price (€)
Vital / Devital Extrusion and Radical Channel Instrumentation Using Ni-Ti Rotary Needle System, Dental Digestion and Magnification (Microscope) 100
Root-knot dislocation and root canal instrumentation, using the Ni-Ti rotating needle system, dental digestion and magnification (microscope) 130
Radial closure by hot vertical condensation 60/root canal
Broken needle/instrument removal off the root canal 135
Gangrene / Periodontitis Treatment – Classic (Does not include root canal obstruction) 50
Gangrene laser surgical treatment – a session (not including root canal obstruction) 100
Corono-radicular physiomic reconstruction (fiberglass / carbon fiber) 30/root canal
Retrograde obturation 250

*For efficiency reasons, prices entailed in this list have been expressed in EURO (€). Treatment and respectively estimate payments will be done in RON, at the BNR reference rate of the payment day.

The total cost of a dental treatment is not calculated according to pricing templates, being established only on the basis of the individual and precise treatment plan. It is established on the basis of an exact specialist diagnosis as a result of thorough clinical and radiological investigations that necessarily imply the presence of the patient.

Each case corresponds with indications, degrees of difficulty and different material consumption, as well as different costs. Thank you for understanding!