Implantology consultation

Consultation – first step towards the correct treatment. Not to be confused with consultancy!

Each patient is unique and has specific needs and therefore we will carefully evaluate each case to determine the best treatment plan, adapted to individual needs. Our purpose is to offer you the best options for replacing missing teeth, carefully assessing the dental status, your desires and needs, as well as the general health status, to plan treatment in a modern manner, interdisciplinary, so you can benefit from the best results on a long term basis, aesthetically and especially functional.

consultatia de implantologie

If you have damaged or missing teeth and wish for the most efficient treatment, adapted to your needs, contact Implantodent clinics to schedule a consultation!

Remember that dental implants are much more than a simple replacement of teeth – improve the quality of your life!

Implantodent philosophy – “without compromise for maximum quality”!

Specialty consultation has an essential role in the treatment equation. Without it there will be a number of “unknowns” that can lead to mistakes and even failure. And honestly, does anyone want this thing? A superficial approach can generate diagnosis, and implicitly, treatment mistakes able to determine errors, accidents and complications. Only a professional approach will lead to expected results. We will always recommend patients the best treatment option at the time being, totally objective, with minimal risks and with the highest predictability rate on a long term basis, motivating our statements with pertinence and in detail.

We will not resort to compromise only for the sake of offering cheap treatments that the patient will enjoy at the moment, but will disappoint him after a short period, since for almost 20 years we have been building solid and mutually beneficial relationships with our patients.

What does it mean and how long does a specialty consultation take place?

The specialty consultation at Implantodent is approached very seriously (as we mentioned, it has a major role in the treatment’s “equation”). It can last 1.5 up to 2 hours and involves identifying the patient’s needs and expectations, detailed investigations, investigation analysis, diagnosis, treatment plan and a highly accurate estimate.

Being a complex consultation, it includes several investigations:

  • dental tomography (tridimensional) which represents the “golden standard” in stomatology diagnosis,
  • two-dimensional digital X-ray (panoramic, lateral cephalometric or by case, retroalveolar X-ray,
  • diagnosis photography,
  • clinical consult.

Based on these investigations, diagnosis is achieved and subsequently the treatment plan: recommended and alternate plans, as well as the financial estimate according with the recommended plan.

Can the specialty consultation be FREE?

The specialty consultation fee is 220 eur, but, under certain conditions, SPECIALTY CONSULTATION CAN BECOME FREE OF CHARGE! (the total estimate of following treatments carried out within Implantodent clinics must exceed 2500 euro).

Therefore, when the patient decides to start the treatment, at the moment when the pro forma invoice is issued, out of the total cost of the presented and agreed estimate, the consultation fee (220 eur) will be subtracted, the patient being able to benefit from the promised gratuitousness.

What is the procedure?

Out of efficiency and mutual respect reasons, in order to avoid unannounced failures of attending the booked specialty consultation session and implicitly gaps in our clinic specialists’ activities, the specialty consult will be fully paid, in advance, based on a PO (payment order) issued by the clinic on the patient’s name.

Why is the consultation paid in advance?

The answer is simple: to be assured that the patient will be present at the requested appointment, for which a considerable amount of time was allocated. Unfortunately, in the past, there were precedents (and not few) when patients who requested an appointment for this type of consultation, have not shown, and sadly, did not even announce their failure to attend. We are making considerable efforts to effectively manage the appointments and working hours. There are patients who cannot benefit from the appointment (even if they wish for it in order to solve their real problems) due to a high load of the daily schedule. Isn’t it a pity for those that wish for quality treatments to have to wait because of the less educated?

There is only one conclusion – a motivated patient, which really requires treatment, doesn’t cling on this small formality – advanced payment. And the new facility (full return of the consultation fee) for those who undergo treatments in Implantodent clinics does nothing but cause full satisfaction.

What does the specialty consultation follow?

  1. Identifying patient’s needs and expectations – proposed treatment will always take these elements into consideration. Modern stomatology involves various techniques and procedures which can have different results in the end. For example, when there aren’t any teeth left, we can fully restore denture with a simple mobile prosthesis or with implant works – mobile (patient can remove them off implants for cleaning purposes) or fixed (only the doctor can remove them off implants). Each of these treatments involves effort, time and different materials, so costs will be differentiated. Some patients are satisfied with simple works and reduced costs, while others claim higher needs, on an esthetically as well as functional level.All of these aspects are being discussed in private, and treatment is “tailored” based on individual needs and expectations of each patient. Another example – several patients request implant treatment costs over the phone or via e-mail. This is impossible! Without an analysis over the bone offer (bone quantity and quality), dental status (infections, periodontal disease, dental migrations, etc.), occlusion (bite), body health status, oral hygiene status, motivation of having teeth, etc. we cannot issue costs. The risk that these costs might be incorrect and further from the truth is very high. And we won’t risk it! The sentence “how much does an implant cost?” is without meaning, because we don’t sell implants, but treat clinical situations with the aid of implants. An implant price will have no value without a consultation. Bone offer analysis can prove lack of bone in the implantation area and the necessity of an addition which will automatically increase the “implant price”. This is the reason why treatment can’t be planned superficially or from a distance.
  2. Correct diagnosis – represents a “key” element of treatment. Diagnosis is based on clinic sense and doctor’s experience, but also on investigations. As investigations are more thorough / complex, the percentage of a correct diagnosis is higher. The oral cavity doesn’t comprise only teeth, being a dynamic and complex structure; there are hard tissues (maxillary bones), soft tissues (fixed gum and mobile mucosa), temporomandibular joint, muscles, nerves, arteries, etc. Additionally, the oral cavity is a body part and that is why a number of disorders are correlated with other body systems: gastric, respiratory, cardio-vascular, neurologic, urogenital, etc. For an exact recognition of the medical-dental issue/issues from which the patient suffers, all of the “puzzle” pieces must be analyzed and put together. The majority of treatment mistakes have a starting point in wrong diagnosis – superficial or lack of investigations that “miss” from sight a lot of important aspects opening the way to failure. Wrong diagnosis will always lead to a wrong treatment plan.
  3. Treatment plan – an accurate diagnosis will generate (in the “hands” of an experimented specialist) an accurate treatment plan. It is developed based on specialty knowledge and field experience. The more a doctor has learned and worked with, the better his skills in identifying and treating the medical issue, effectively managing unforeseen situations which can arise during the treatment.

Investigations or pathway to an accurate diagnosis

Any diagnosis can be established based on investigations. The more complete/complex the investigations are, the higher the chance of developing a proper diagnosis. Any small information can be a piece of the final “puzzle”. Investigations require the patient’s physical presence in the clinic! This is the reason why we can’t send treatments and costs over the telephone or via e-mail. This is a method that works with objects or goods sales (having a defined price), but never available in the case of services, especially medical ones. Patient MUST BE INVESTIGATED AND CONSULTED INDIVIDUALLY AND DIRECT.

Main investigations target:

  • Identifying all health problems (general and local) from the medical history and administered medication
  • Identifying lifestyle (stress, smoking, alcohol, etc.)
  • Identifying oral hygiene and actual dental problems
  • Identifying patient’s needs and expectations

Investigations are carried out through:

  • General clinical examination – arterial pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation
  • Local clinical examination – intraoral (mouth) – teeth, maxillary bones, gums, mucosa, tongue, salivary gland openings, bite, and extraoral (face and neck) – temporomandibular joint, mastication muscles, maxillary bones outline, ganglions, etc.
  • Radiology examination – 2D x-ray (panoramic x-ray) and 3D (dental tomography)


All investigations are gathered in a single place: the patient’s digital (electronic) sheet. At this moment, information is carefully analyzed, a diagnosis is being submitted and preliminary conclusions are drawn.

In Implantodent clinics, treatments are being developed interdisciplinary – each area of the dental medicine is served by specialists with experience in the specific branch. This leads to maximum efficiency.

For example, implantology specialists limit their practice only to oral surgical procedures or implantology, periodontists handle only gingival-bone disorders in periodontal disease, prostheticians execute dental works, surgeons treat surgical disorders, endodonticians treat dental root canals at the highest level, orthodontist specialists aligns teeth, and pedodontists treat dental disorders in children.

Each specialist has access to the patient’s electronic sheet (with special software which allows measurements and real simulation of clinical status and treatment) and start, after diagnosis, to issue treatment plans well-reasoned in their field. Weekly, during the two medical sessions, each case for which the specialty consultation was applied is thoroughly discussed. In the end, the medical coordinator puts “together” all information and develops the treatment plan which is submitted to the clinic’s financial department.

Procedures are introduced in the computer’s special software and from this moment, the financial estimate if finalized (medical act and its costs can’t be 100% anticipated).

Treatment plan is comprised of a main option (the best/most recommended option) as well as alternative options, each with advantages, disadvantages, working time, risks and implied costs. These options are realized based on information from the consultation session, when also patient’s needs and expectations (realist) are being identified.

The second meeting – presenting treatment and cost. From this moment there are 2 alternatives: whether the patient is invited to a new meeting (30-45 minutes) where he receives all information (with an adequate language according with his level of understanding) regarding treatment and costs, or treatment plan is send via e-mail and discussed over digital correspondence.

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We’ve tried to be clear and transparent, to offer you all necessary information, explicitly, so that you can make an informed choice as objectively as possible. We have built and have been building, for almost 2 decades, relationships based on mutual trust and honesty. Whether we will be an option or not in solving your dental problems, we would like to thank you and remind you that prevention still remains the best treatment option.

Implantologie - planificarea tratamentului

*total estimate of following treatments in Implantodent clinics must exceed 2500 euro. In closing, we would like you to spare two minutes and read upon the philosophy of the great English writer Ruskin on quality…

John Ruskin (1819-1900)

John Ruskin There is hardly anything in the world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price alone are that person’s lawful prey. It is unwise to pay too much, but it is also unwise to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money, that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything because the thing you bought is incapable of doing the thing you bought it to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot… It can’t be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder it is well to add something for the risk you run. And if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better.