Standard technology that endows a modern clinics is completed by special equipment and technologies meant to enable the specialist in achieving safe, precise and minimally invasive treatments, without pain and in complete comfort, as the 21st century patient desires.

We are not saying we are the best equipped clinic in Romania and among the most modern in Europe, but instead we will let you convince yourself of this certainty.

CEREC – first cabinet robotic system in the world

30 years ago, German company Sirona, world leader in stomatology equipment, introduced the first dental CAD-CAM system on the profile market.

This allowed dentists to create dental restorations in a single session, without requiring a dental laboratory. Thus, the “One Hour Dentistry” concept was born, which has seen a tremendous success, especially in Western Europe and USA.

From then until now, more than 5 generations of such robots have offered patients in the entire world millions of restorations from porcelain without metal, most of them successfully surpassing the trial of time.

Even since 2005, Implantodent clinic had acquired such a system, called CEREC 2. Since then, our clinics have invested in each generation of these robots: CEREC 3, CEREC AC and recently, the ultramodern CEREC Omnicam.

Thus, with CEREC, the modern patient, busy most of the time, can benefit from an esthetic and precise dental work in a single session!

CEREC – The most performing cad-cam office system! Reached the 5th generation, it allows the doctor to perform, in a single session, precise, functional and esthetic dental works, from full ceramics or zirconium.

Millions of CEREC restorations have been successfully performed in the entire world for the last 30 years, allowing dentists to offer their patients pleasant experiences and treatments with exceptional results. CEREC treatment spectrum is now extended to other 3 areas of dental medicine: restoration, implantology and orthodontics.

InLab – Digital laboratory

Dental works of high complexity, performed on natural teeth or implants, require precision and high quality materials. The InLab technological “line” represents the “spearhead” in medium sized digital laboratory area, as our laboratory, served by overspecialized technicians in this new, digital domain, contemporary modern world.

Implantodent clinics own 2 such complete technological lines facilitating precise manufacturing of esthetic, precise and resistant restorations such as crowns, bridges, facets, incrustations, implant prosthetic abutments, special anchoring systems, surgical guides.

From a simple crown to stretched bridges, from a dental facet of only 0.5 mm up to the most precise surgical guide, all of these are possible thanks to InLab complete system or in free translation, of the most modern dental digital laboratory. Manufactured by the German company Sirona, it exists with two complete lines within Implantodent clinics equipment.

The system consists of a 5 axis laser digital scanner that allows micron detail recording of impression or model, extremely sophisticated design software, computed drilling unit of blocks or disks from full ceramics or zirconium, as well as a modern sintering furnace.

Dental CT scanner

Implantodent clinic in Constanta was the first dental clinic in Romania, in the middle of the 2000s, to have been equipped with the newest and most amazing dental technology of the moment, specifically the dental CT scanner.


A new perspective had opened regarding stomatology investigations, this time three dimensionally, in exploring bone structures of the dento-maxillary system. It led to diagnoses with a high precision degree and implicitly to proper and safe treatments for our patients.

CBCT technology has evolved and we have been keeping up, so that lately, Implantodent clinics own 4 latest generation CT scanners from main world manufacturers such as Sirona (Germany) and Instrumentarium (Finland), covering the entire range of radiology investigations existing at this moment in dental medicine: dental CT scans of various sizes, depending on the area of interest, from 5×5 cm up to 15×15 cm, panoramic digital x-ray, for adults as well as children, in different incidence, as well as lateral cephalometry, extremely useful in orthodontics or oral and maxillo-facial surgery.


Dental tomography has a specific characteristic: it is called cone beam (CBCT) and is incomparably less irradiant than classic tomography, generally used in medicine. Thus, in a few seconds with a minimum dose of radiation, we can obtain digital three dimensional images by which we can discover any disorder of dento-maxillary system hard structures (bones and teeth) and plan with maximum precision, preoperatively, implantology or oral surgery treatments, entering within digital implantology sphere.