Our patients are openly speaking about their experience in Implatodent clinics and the professionalism of the specialist team.

Implantodent clinics in Romania: comfort and equipment at European standards, impeccable stomatology services, team of over-specialized professionals in advanced dental techniques and procedures, quality dental materials and disposable consumables.

Shortly, professionalism, comfort and safety for our patients! Some of them had the pleasure of expressing gratitude in words:

  • Mr. Gavrila – USA

    Hello, I'm Marius Gavrila from Ohio, US. I found out about Implantodent originally from a website where dr. Chemal held an interview at a national television in a morning program, and I was quite impressed with his knowledge and his ways of explaining the processes and different views on how things are being handled in Romania... I picked Implantodent because of him.

  • Mr. Salas – USA

    It was amazing...clinic equipment and accommodations...all I can say is they are on top, you will not find anything better in America or Western Europe. Everything is absolutely first class. Until now, all my expectations have been fulfilled; it was worth coming up here for such services. I have no words to describe the staff, they are absolutely wonderful and have offered more than expected, made us feel like home, comfortable, and I recommend to anyone in need of such stomatology services, to try at Implantodent, first of all. It simply inspires confidence.

  • Mrs. Salas – USA

    The doctors have been great from the start. They are very nice, answering all your questions and truly helping you, for they know what they’re doing, speaking with people and knowing what worries you before you know what is worrying sometimes. So they are able to reassure you of any concern. They told me a lot before starting, presenting the clinic so you will get an idea of their activities there, for they are doing a lot of things, more than the services offered to me.
    Everything was fantastic, as I have said, doctors are wonderful and I have a great deal of consideration for them, they are extraordinary. It’s great to be happy again, being something lost and I am so glad I have regained happiness. There are so many people requiring stomatology services and don’t know where to go, so everyone should go Implantodent, it will improve their life.

  • Lazar Aurelian – Romania

    Life without teeth? It is not a solution. How can you eat with a piece of plastic? How can you smile with a piece of plastic? The fact that it is covering my palate and cannot taste food is a tragedy. Teeth loss has led to a massive bone loss, leaving no possibility of a classic treatment. I have taken advantage of a true specialty consultation.

    Why did I choose Implantodent? Because they are the best and have offered me a fixed and immediate solution of solving dental issues. They are the only ones on the market to offer a special implant solution, called zygomatic implants. They have the latest technology and last but not least, I will be taking advantage of general anesthesia. It is truly important to trust the doctor and treating team.

  • Leslie Muller – England

    Implantodent clinic has been extraordinary and the entire staff excellent. Flight and accommodation were included in the price. Which is a good thing. And internal transportation is also provided. I have not felt any king of pain. I recommend this clinic to everyone, for their excellent services. As I said, they are a team of professionals with exceptional results.

  • Del Vecchio Francesco – Italy

    I arrived at Implantodent clinic because 10 years ago I have moved to Romania. I had teeth problems and wanted a dental clinic that had to be the best because this is how I’m used to. All the time I’m looking for what is best, especially when talking about health. Existent technology in Implantodent clinic is cutting edge. The clinic is equipped with a dental CT scanner to perform all necessary investigations for a proper surgical intervention development. Therefore, I am extremely pleased of what I found. Implantodent clinic, in my opinion, has the best specialists. Even from the reception you will find very friendly persons to greet welcome and make you feel like home. When speaking about the quality –price ratio, Implantodent clinic corresponds to all of your demands. After performing a market study, I have immediately realized Implantodent was the most suitable clinic regarding quality and price. Normally, being the best, tested on me, prices can seem higher compared to other clinics. But when speaking about safety and health I believe it is important not to only look at the price first but at the quality offered by the clinic.

  • Bahattin Comez – Greece

    I have serious teeth problems and require a complex and complete treatment. I chose Implantodent because the doctors here are extremely well prepared, and even more, well-known in European level. I heard many foreigners are coming to Implantodent clinic for dental treatments, such as for example, military personnel from NATO troops. Until now, the treatment is working excellent; I am profoundly impressed by the clinic’s features and equipment, as well as by the high standard of hygiene. So far all my clinical and paraclinical investigations have been done. I perfectly understand this, because it is extremely important for doctors to have all data so everything goes as planned during surgery. I am totally not afraid, the entire team is extremely well-prepared and the procedure will be performed under general anesthesia. It is nice to go through this king of experience with general anesthesia, because as a patient, you can sleep throughout the entire procedure. When I woke up for good, I was operated, infections were cleaned, bones restored with 12 implants and two fixed works inside the mouth. I want to smile like I have not smiled for a long time, to eat as I have not eaten for a long time, to have a better life.

  • Mircea Andre , Sweeden

    I have found out about Implantodent over the internet, by discovering the clinic on Google. I was surprised of the features and facilities. Implantodent clinic services are exceptional, of a high technological standard. Dr. Chemal is an extremely sociable, welcoming and total trusting doctor. From the first contact with him you will be won. I spoke with him via e-mail and admitted: I was won from the first moment for providing you with total trust! I have undergone a surgical procedure with a system called Fast & Fixed. I had a large scale surgery indeed. There was no pain as I was under anesthesia and after that, in the postoperative period I haven’t felt anything. I have received a medication treatment, and all my problems were solved. I had no idea a patient can be provided with denture in the same session. I am extremely pleased with the result and did not expect it. That is why I have chosen this clinic, a trustworthy, well-equipped, ultramodern clinics and I am extremely pleased. It is an understatement!

  • Jacobson Kitty Beer

    I must say that everyone in Implantodent clinic has proven to be professional and patient. I am extremely pleased with their services and impressed by the equipment and technique above all. I can state the services here are the same as in Norway, if not even higher, due to ultramodern features. I have felt safe here, so I will recommend this clinic to all of my friends in Norway.

  • Crina Gheorghiu

    I have arrived at Implantodent clinic having issues with an older work. I felt no pain during the surgical procedure, even after surgery. I am delighted with this clinic’s services. Patient in found in the middle of the family, work is performed with responsibility and without arrogance. Prices are accessible. I appreciate the special features, everything is luxury here.

  • Fox Douglas

    I have requested the best dentist and Dr. Tanel Chemar was recommended. This is how I went to Constanta, Romania. I am extremely pleased in the way I was welcomed and content with the result obtained. Team is working properly, without being in a hurry. Prices are extremely fair compared with New Zeeland. I will return here and recommend this clinic to all my friends.

  • Dna. Ciuca

    I was looking for a favorable solution, a clinic where I could be properly treated and my wishes as a patient considered. So I discovered Implantodent’s website, where I have found detailed explanations on surgical procedures and procedures in question, telephoned and booked an appointment. I regret about not knowing this clinic sooner. Clinic is equipped with latest generation devices, at European standards. I will always be a loyal costumer of the clinic. I am extremely pleased with results and I will recommend this clinic to all of my friends.

  • Matei Daniela

    I have known Dr. Tanel Chemar for 10 years, the time I was both a patient and a business partner. I can truly say I admire him, as well as the team he is leading. I know he pays close attention to details, so the patient will have an increased comfort during procedures or dentist visits. I would recommend this clinic to other patient, older as well as younger, for the team Dr. Taner Chemal is leading can mold to each patient need, proving an increased concern for the patient.

  • Elvira Floristeanu

    Among all implantology clinics I have researched online, this clinic inspired the highest trust, mainly due to Dr. Taner Chemal specializations and modern equipment found within. Here I encountered a warm collective, impressed by the care and attention I was treated with, and surgery went along extremely well. I chose to take the trip from Suceava to Constanta and I don’t regret it. I recommend this clinic’s services to all of my friends and colleagues.

  • Roger Welsh , New York

    I am from New York, but currently residing in Germany, so this decision was highly unusual for me. I have some dental issues which need to be resolved but I won’ trust anyone in solving them, not even in Germany. Doctor Tanel Chemar was recommended by several friends of the medical world, reason for starting to look up on the internet, to find out more details on Implantodent clinic as well as doctor Chemal Taner’s professional experience. I must admit i was profoundly impressed! He is highly appreciated by patients, an implantology specialist, graduated from UCLA faculty of medicine, which made a lot of difference to me.

    There is also the equipment found within Implantodent clinic for I am aware of being a special case, requiring a certain treatment which can only be performed by using special equipment. I was impressed on what I saw! Doctor Tanel Chemar makes no compromise when speaking about latest generation equipment. So, helped by my colleague’s recommendations, I have decided to book the first flight to Romania.

    I highly recommend Implantodent clinic’s dental implantology services to all of my friends and not only. Although my treatment has completed and I must leave to the airport, I have a strange feeling about leaving here...But I must return home. In a word, grade A! I am extremely satisfied and impressed and I thank you for everything with all my heart.

  • Dr. Wolfgang Lechner , BREDENT

    As an international sales director, I am glad to announce collaboration with Dr. Tanel Chemar’s Implantodent. Our priority is to offer our patients and clients products and services of the highest quality. As for that, we must keep the highest standards in what regards our partners. Implantodent successfully fulfills all our requirements, as medical equipment producers, not only because Implantodent is the largest stomatology clinic in Romania, but mainly due to high quality services which Implantodent offers to its patients. Together with Implantodent, we are improving our patient’s lifestyle.

  • Dr. Obadan Florian , BREDENT

    As managing director of Bredent Romania, I have always tried to bring trustworthy partners to promote German products. Implantodent Centre of Excellence is the strongest partner we currently have in Romania. Doctor experience and quality recommends them as a strong partner. We could not have found a more reliable partner than Dr. Tanel Chemar’s Implantodent Centre of Excellence to promote our products and services.