Eruption symptoms

Symptoms of disorders caused by wisdom molars

Symptoms can vary from slight discomfort to advanced tumefaction, significant pain, infection and puss formation. Early treatment will prevent disorders and potentially dangerous complications.


Early inflammation (pericoronitis) is caused by scale and can have the following symptoms: gum level pain near the back teeth, slight gum inflammation, bleeding or pain radiating to other teeth or/and head, neck and ears.

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If the inflammation source is not treated, an abscess or a localized infection will result. Those with abscess or infection can suffer from acute pain, slight to moderate gum tumefaction, sinus issues or puss discharge from a dental abscess (fistula) often accompanied by bad taste and fetid smell.

Severe infection takes place when the local infection persists and spreads to other facial areas. Symptoms include face or neck tumefaction, severe pain, difficulty in opening the mouth, puss discharge, fever, generalized weakness as well as difficulty in breathing or swallowing if the infection spreads to the neck. Such infections can have dangerous consequences unless treated immediately. They can spread to a profound level in the head and neck region and can even reach the brain or heart.

Sometimes pain is caused by adjacent teeth with decays or gum disorders induced by wisdom molars. Crowding of other teeth crowding also represents a potential correlated symptom.

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Symptom absence does not indicate disease absence. Infection can be reduced, chronic and unaccompanied by pain or tumefaction, yet it still can lead to disease and lesions emergence.